Who we are

We empower your life every day.

Every day, our job is to manage uncertainty and seize opportunities.
With our perennial expertise and our fundamental principles firmly in place, we are entering a new era, encouraged by the strong and credible international group of Fairfax.

We are evolving, to support you in an even better way. And when we say better, we mean in a new, different way. We go beyond protecting all those that are valuable to you, ensuring the simplicity and flexibility you need and giving you the power to make better choices. We simplify the protection of everything that is important to you and help you to take advantage of new opportunities.

However, we do not change our fundamental principles. We stay true to the values that have brought us this far. Credibility. Transparency. Our care for people, through constant investment in their growth. Our priority is to give value back to the society. This is because we support people who claim more from life. We are right by your side, so that you can get closer to your desires, dreams and goals.

Right by you. Right by life.
This is our policy.

Our values.


Fresh Perspective

We innovate and adapt.
We are committed to our goal, understanding what you need the most; what is best for you.
We evolve every day and we are flexible, trying new ideas that take you forward.
We dare to think differently. We innovate and invest in research and development, creating new products and services that change the insurance industry.


Collective optimism

We progress together.
We are optimistic and this affects how we design and deliver our products and services.
We act honestly and transparently, always focusing on aspects where we can make the biggest difference.
We understand what you need, so we know how to improve your experiences in ways that really matter. Therefore, our cooperation with you is meaningful.


Purposeful simplicity

We keep things essential.
We work with the sole purpose of expanding your potential and creating real value in your life. To us, the essence of things is what matters, so we make sure to apply it to whatever we do.

Eurolife FFH Insurance Group

Strong presence in the insurance market, capital adequacy, consistently high profitability.