Why choose us

We make sure that protecting those that matter to you is a return on investment.


We have big hearts

We believe in having fun at work. We are team players and value loyalty to Fairfax and our colleagues. We listen to each other showing respect and care. We show concern for others in their time of need. We’re a friendly voice when others need one. We look for ways to help rather than deny or hinder.

We welcome sunlight

We believe honesty and integrity are essential in all of our relationships and will never be compromised. We are accountable and responsible for our work. We strive for openness and transparency with others. We are ready with honest answers to all your questions. We state the obvious, we don’t hide behind confusing contracts or industry-speak. We look to how things might be better and share our expert view.

We never stand still

We are results-oriented, never political. We are entrepreneurial and encourage calculated risk taking. It is alright to fail so long as we learn from our mistakes. We’re always using our imagination to improve how we do things, from the basics to the big and bold. We anticipate what’s needed next to make things flow smoother and without hiccup. We look for ways to grow our relationship and business, while solving problems for others.

We climb mountains

We are hard working but not at the expense of others. We will never bet the company on any project or acquisition. We don’t shy away from challenges, we look for the best way through. We look to grow the confidence of others by helping them through the process. We make a difference in our customers’ lives by focusing on all the little things that matter. We take away the burden and stress from others by making things easy and straight-forward.

Eurolife FFH Insurance Group

Strong presence in the insurance market, capital adequacy, consistently high profitability.