The Group at a glance

One of the country’s leading insurance groups.

Operating since 2000, the Group today holds a leading position in bancassurance through its partnership with Eurobank. At the same time, it cooperates with a wide network of insurance partners throughout Greece. Through its Greek subsidiaries, Eurolife FFH Life Insurance Single Member Société Anonyme (General Commercial No 121651960000) and Eurolife FFH General Insurance Single Member Société Anonyme (General Commercial No 121637360000), it designs and promotes insurance products that meet all the needs of modern people. It consistently achieves strong profitability and has a high capital adequacy ratio that exceeds the European supervisory requirements. As a result, it is at all times able to immediately fulfill its obligations towards its policyholders.

 30 years in the insurance brokerage with Designia Insurance Brokers SA

One of the largest insurance brokerage and risk management companies in the Greek market, with over 30 years in the industry. It stands out for its know-how, insurance solution design and complex issues management and compensation, responding to all insurance needs of its clients - most of which are enterprises. It has strong negotiating power and extensive cooperation with the insurance market, which enables it to propose the most cost-effective solutions.

A strong start in insurance brokerage by Designia Insurance Agents

Within Eurolife FFH Insurance Group the company under the name “Designia Insurance Agents” is also included. The experience and know-how of its executives, coupled with its collaboration with the largest insurance companies in the market, ensure uninterrupted service, quality, responsibility and consistency for each client.

Developing and profitable activities in Romania

Since 2007 our business has expanded to Romania, establishing Eurolife FFH Asigurari de Viata and Eurolife FFH Asigurari Generale. Eurolife FFH Asigurari companies are also part of the Eurolife FFH Insurance Group and have an extensive Life Insurance and General Insurance portfolio.

For more information, visit the website of Eurolife FFH Asigurari.

The facilities of the Eurolife FFH Group

The complex of buildings is wholly leased by the subsidiaries of Eurolife FFH Insurance Group and is their headquarters. Its main asset is the building complex at 33-35 Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue and 6-10 Korai St., consisting of a two-storey neoclassical listed building and a modern multi-storey building. Diethnis Ktimatiki SA , a member of the Group since 2015, has been active in plot and building and in general land purchasing for the construction of civic offices, professional offices and residences since 1994.

Financial data 2023

We are getting ready for the Group’s next day in Greece and Romania by investing:
€653.4 mio
Equity capital
€449 mio
€142.3 mio
Before-tax profit
€5.4 mio
Befor-tax operating profit
€3.7 bln
Total assets
€618.8 mio
Written premiums
* The amount refers to Life and General insurance total benefits i.e. claims, annuities, payment of dividends, reimbursement of matured investments and payments of surrender values, in Greece an Romania.