Privacy Notice

Eurolife FFH Insurance Group

  • How we process your data during your interaction with our Online Services

    Eurolife FFH Insurance Group Holdings Societe Anonyme is the Controller during your interaction with our online services.  When you interact with our online services, we may collect information such as IP, cookies, browser information, demographic data (e.g., language), device data, etc. which do not directly identify you.

    Data are collected:

    • through your electronic communication with our company
    • during your authentication process
    • when you register with our online services, or during your interaction with them
    • through your browser or device


    The processing is taking place in order to:

    • authenticate you to a service
    • provide you with personalized experience based on your choices
    • protect the Companies from any attack that could affect confidentiality, availability and integrity of the data or/and availability and integrity of the service.


    Data collected during your interaction with the Services may be retained for up to ten (10) years however they will not be available for any other processing.  Especially during your interaction with the Customer Service Platform,, (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform"),   and given your relationship with us as a customer, we also collect email, mobile and the photo / image that you have chosen for your profile, if you choose to upload it. The data that have been collected exclusively during your interaction with the Platform, are kept as long as you remain subscribed to it and are deleted upon request to disable your subscription

  • During your visit to our premises, the following categories of personal data may be collected

    • Minimum personal information that certifies you: name, ID
    • Data regarding your relationship with the Company such as customer, partner, third party, etc., as well as the purpose of your visit.
    • Name of the company you work for, if it is related to the purpose of your visit, company executives you would like to meet, etc.
    • Access to Company premises (access to floors, date, time).
    • Image data from the Company's premises where there is specific marking.


    The data necessary to identify your relationship with the Company as well as the purpose of your visit (collected for security reasons) are collected by you and data regarding access to the sites are collected through through access logging systems (via visitor card) or via video capture systems. The personal data mentioned above are processed by the Company or by third parties who perform the processing on its behalf as described in the Addressees section of your personal data, for the following purposes:

    • For your identification, whenever required.
    • To prevent fraud, as well as any other unlawful act against the Company and/or its customers, given your activity and subsequent financial transactions carried out under it.
    • For the security of the Company's property, the data of its clients and its employees, as well as for the security of their property and their physical integrity.


    The image data are maintained by the Company for fifteen (15) days and the other data for three (3) months after your visit to our site. The above intervals may be amended if a shorter or longer period is specified by a specific provision of law or by a decision or recommendation of a Competent Authority. If legal proceedings are pending before the expiry of this time with any of the companies of the Group of Companies of Eurolife FFH Insurance Group SA, which directly or indirectly concern you, the time period above shall be extended until a final court decision is issued. After the aforementioned period, personal data will be destroyed.

  • We may collect the following categories of personal data as part of your cooperation or potential cooperation with our Companies:

    • Identification data: first name, last name, ID, tax registration number, date and place of birth, etc.
    • Contact details: postal and email address, landline and mobile phone number, etc.
    • Payment details: bank account numbers, debit/credit and other bank cards, etc., either to pay off your financial liabilities to the Companies, or to credit them with other amounts repaid to you.
    • Occupational data: such as industry, head office, etc.
    • Contract data: start, end, subject, etc.


    The aforementioned personal data are provided:

    • either by the data subject directly
    • or from affiliated companies
    • or by third-party natural / legal persons authorized by you


    The personal data we collect are processed by us and/or by third parties who perform the processing on our behalf or the following purposes:

    • Fulfillment of our obligations arising from the contractual relationship as well as its smooth functioning.
    • Compliance with obligations imposed by the applicable legal and regulatory frameworks and the prevention and fighting of fraud against Companies and their affiliated insurance companies. Automated means or methods of processing personal data may be used to prevent fraud.


    We will process your data until the transaction tax and/or legal limitation deadline. Where law or regulation requires us to keep personal data longer than the aforementioned term, the retention periods will be extended accordingly. Finally, if legal proceedings, directly or indirectly related to you, are ongoing by the end of this year with any company of the group of Eurolife FFH Insurance Group Holdings Societe Anonyme, the data retention period is extended pending a final decision.  After a five-year period, documents which bear the signature(s) of the subjects and contain personal data may be kept in electronic digital form. After the aforementioned intervals, your personal data will be destroyed.