Our Scope and Structure

Our ScopeAt Eurolife ERB Insurance we design, offer and promote insurance products and services that cater to all the needs of modern living.

We count more than 15 years of successful operation. Innovative and flexible, the products we have designed have carved a new reality in insurance sales. Our sales network promotes our products via the Eurobank branch network and selected working partners/brokers throughout Greece.

Our Structure We are members of the Eurolife ERB Group, and in Greece we consist of the following insurance companies:

  • Eurolife ERB Life Insurance S.A
  • Eurolife ERB General Insurance S.A

We operate through all our sales networks and channels

  • Eurobank branch network 
  • New TT branch network 
  • Third party channels consisting of more than 1.200 agreements with agents, brokers and insurance advisors nationwide
Since 2007 we have fast growing and profitable operations in Romania Eurolife ERB Asigurari , through life and non-life exclusive bancassurance agreements with Bankpost, a subsidiary of Eurobank.
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